Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The birthday video!

This is something that will make me cry EVERY TIME I watch it!

A Christmas Story-

Merry Christmas to my sweet baby! We started Christmas morning opening presents at our house....only to discover that we were completely unprepared. The camera was dead, we spent a crazy amount of time trying to open his toys.....then spent even more time trying to put them together. We put the lawnmower together and called it a morning. Then we headed over to Steve's parent's house for breakfast. Davis had a ball opening presents. He got a puzzle with big knobs that he could grab easily. He scooted them across the floor all morning. We ate enchiladas for lunch....YUMMY.....then it was off to my parent's house. We opened presents and Davis got a Cozy Coupe which all three boys fought over! haha My mom made a wonderful dinner and we all went home and crashed. The next day we drove to Shreveport to see Steve's grandparents. We had a great time visiting everyone. Davis even found his new favorite spot at Gam's house!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hand Foot and What?

Davis in the Hospital right before we were discharged!!! Poor little man!

So....We had a blast seeing everyone at Jackson's birthday party. It's been a while since I've seen all the babies together. Sunday we ran errands to get ready for the week. Monday everyone got up as usual....Davis was a little more 'snugly' than usual but I figure I will take what I can get these days. Well at just as the bell rang for school to begin, Davis' school was calling me to let me know he had a fever.I had no idea he felt bad when I took him to school...he seemed fine. So I cut out of school early and took him to the Doctor. Dr. Pope decided there was nothing physically wrong with him that he could 'see'. This meant that we needed to do blood work and the dreaded pee bag! Ugh! 2 hours later Davis never peed and Dr. Pope had to put a catheter in. After all that his pee came back clean....which is good for his kidney issue. Still he had a fever and no reason for it. He thought it was a virus or maybe something bacterial. He put Davis on an antibiotic and sent us on our way. Tues came around and he just kept getting worse and worse. When Wednesday came I just couldn't take it anymore so we went back to the doctor. He took one look in Davis' mouth and determined he had 'Hand Foot and Mouth'. It is apparently common and had begun making it's rounds in the community. To sum it up he had blisters all down the back of his throat, making it very painful to swallow. This explained to constant stream of saliva he had been dripping since Monday.

At this point Davis hadn't eaten since Monday and had no wet diapers since Tuesday morning. Wednesday night I called the on call doctor who was very concerned about Davis' hydration. He directed us to check into the ER. Long story short, we checked in and after many horrid nurses, and MANY attempts to locate a vein to start a bag of fluid, Davis was hooked up and beginning to receive much needed fluid. HOURS LATER, the doctor decided to admit us since Davis was still not drinking on his own and had no wet diapers still. Once we got up to the pediatric floor we were quarantined in our own wing....and even had a visit from an infectious disease doctor! Davis was beyond miserable. He had 6 bags of fluid by the end of our stay at the hospital. The good news is that this virus is like chicken pox, where you will only get it once. We got home Friday and all needed a nap! What a stressful week. Seeing Davis in so much pain was awful!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

11 months

So this is just how busy my little man is! Turn around for 2 seconds and he is sitting IN the crock pot! (not turned on) :)

WOW...I know I've said it before but gee time really does fly by! I am attributing my lack of posting to the fact that Davis has become ULTRA mobile! I plan to back track this summer! So here we go....

Davis at 11 months weighs 22 pounds and wears size 4 diapers. He is eating finger foods and has almost completely given up baby food. His favorite thing to eat are crackers, goldfish, and the Gerber Cheese Puffs! Boy can that kid tank down the Cheetos! Davis likes to eat green beans and spaghetti-like pasta...but only if he can feed himself! I load up the spoon and hand it to him and he puts it in his mouth. This month we really started to notice the precise fine motor skills he has with his left hand....which is a change from what he had been doing in the beginning. Steve is excited because he said it's good for tennis! :) Davis is in a stage where he wants to eat anything and everything on the floor! He is literally like a little Roomba who goes around finding all the little pieces of junk on the floor that you missed and then EATS it! I swear I am beginning to wonder if he is going to be the kid in class who eats paste! Anyway, Davis is cruising and climbing EVERYWHERE! Davis can open: The washer, the dryer, the dishwasher, all the cabinets, the drawers, the bi-fold doors in the kitchen, the shutters, and the TV cabinet. He loves to pull all of the containers out of the cabinet and play with them. Steve has taught him to climb the stairs and almost climb up onto the couch. There is literally not a moment when Davis isn't on the move. He is the busiest kid I've ever seen and boy does he make his Mommy and Daddy very tired! At school Davis moved to the next room and is now a "duck". He likes the new room because there are mats that he climbs over all day! :) I am happy to say that Davis FINALLY clapped! For months we have been working on this skill and he would look at me like I'm crazy and then crawl away. He finally did it the other night when he was just about to go to sleep. I jumped up and clapped and made a big deal and then he was up another 45 minutes! Davis is talking quite a lot these days. He says Mama, and Dad, Dada, Baba, Go.....and a variety of other whale like sounds. More importantly he knows the word no...and then does the exact opposite and squeals in delight. I'm thinking that we may need to read The Strong Willed Child! Davis has discovered that if he drops something that I will bend down and pick it up. When I'm holding him and he wants down he drops his paci on the floor and then looks at me like..."let me down woman!"

It's hard to imagine that my sweet baby is almost a toddler! Ugh- where does the time go? I hope to get back on track with my posts!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas in November

We took our pictures for our Christmas card in mid November. I was very proud of Davis he did a great job! The same lady that did Davis' newborn pictures took these. We took the pictures by the lake in Gleannloch Farms. Davis spent the majority of the time eating leaves! :)

"Mom my pants are too long!' -Davis

Boy did we try to get a picture with the hat Mimi worked so hard to monogram! :)


The tongue thing was new....not sure what it was about but he did it a lot this day~

This is how I will always remember his hair! :)

Merry Early Christmas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

8 Months

This has been a BUSY month! Davis is LITERALLY CLIMBING THE WALLS! He wants to see everything in the house. Lately, he has taken an interest in the tile in front of the fireplace. I never thought I would have to say..."Davis don't lick the tile!" I'm afraid he is hearing the word NO a whole lot though. The good news is that he knows that word and seems to know the meaning.

We officially have a bottom tooth. Now when he smiles big you can see it clear as day in his little mouth. (I think the teething is why he wants to lick the cool tile....we hope!) Anyway, Davis has also officially been sick too. He had a terrible cold and had to stay home with the Chief and Mimi for an entire week! He didn't seem to mind all the attention from the g-parents! :)

Davis weighs 20 pounds and is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes. He is just about out of the size 3 diapers but we are trying to finish all our boxes before we move on to the 4's. When it comes to eating he really has grown quite an appetite. He now eat 4-5 containers of food and 4 bottles a day. He loves to sit in the high chair and chase the Gerber Puffs around. Davis is getting very good at chewing the puffs so we are thinking we might try some other things too.

It suddenly hit me the other day that Davis is almost a year old. It's crazy how fast he changes from 1 month to another. This year has been the fastest one I've ever lived! It will be Halloween soon and I can't wait to dress up my little boy! He is going to be....wait you didn't think I would ruin the surprise did you? :)

Play Time!

Sleepy but still holdin' out for his nap!

The Pumpkin Patch

The weather was so nice last weekend we decided we would take Davis to the Pumpkin Patch. He wore his little...well I say little...actually he didn't fit into his 12 month 'little' jeans he ended up wearing a pair that was 18-24 month! Ugh! He just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Anyway, he wore his not so little jeans and his pumpkin shirt along with his stride rite shoes! Davis was looking pretty cute! We got to the patch and couldn't wait to plop him in the middle of the pumpkin mound. He wasn't too sure about it all at first but we managed to get a few good pictures.

What is this????

You can even see my tooth!

Not so sure about the pumpkins!

Davis and Daddy

We met some friends there as well. We had a great time taking pictures of all the babies!

Here's the line up....Davis, Garrett, Luke, Avery, and Jackson! They were all really good sports about this! Davis just wanted to eat hay the entire time!

Davis + Jackson = Best Buds!

Givin' Lacey some love!

Sitting on the big turkey made of hay!

The bibs Sabra made the boys!
All the proud Dads.

Mr. Jackson and his Mommy!

We had a great day at the pumpkin year we will be able to pull him in his wagon!